Cars Kept the Longest

Cars Kept the Longest at Basil Resale of Buffalo

Have you ever wondered what the average age is of cars currently on the road today? Due to a wide variety of factors, drivers are keeping their vehicles longer than ever before. As recently as two or three decades ago, buying a used car was viewed as more of a gamble than it is today and rightfully so. Used vehicles simply weren’t as dependable and therefore weren’t as solid of an investment.

However, times have changed, and buying a used vehicle remains a smart decision that more and more drivers are taking advantage of. Basil Resale of Buffalo wants to help you make an informed purchasing decision by naming our top picks for some of the longest-lived used cars on the road today with this helpful guide.

What Is the Average Age of Vehicles on the Road?

Average Age of Used VehiclesAccording to research from IHS Markit, the average age of vehicles on the road in 2020 is 11.9 years. Rising average prices of new vehicles have influenced more drivers to hold onto their existing vehicles. Other market conditions such as the 2008 recession and 2020 pandemic have further increased drivers’ tendencies to keep their old car instead of buying a new one. These two factors combined with the increasing vehicle reliability have simply made it more financially viable to keep older vehicles on the road. Plus, it’s certainly easy to grow attached to a vehicle after driving it for nearly 12 years*.

Cars Kept the Longest Study

Cars Kept the Longest Study –

The panel of expert researchers at the car search engine carefully analyzed the average length of ownership among new cars. They examined over 5 million vehicles sold by their original owners to find out which models are kept the longest. Counting all makes and models measured in this survey, the average duration of ownership was 8.4 years. Let’s see how the highest-performing models available from Basil Resale of Buffalo performed in this survey.

Ford Explorer

2014 Ford Explorer

Average Years of Ownership – 9.6 Years

Topping the list in the Popular Cars category, one of America’s most loved SUVs — the Ford Explorer — has the longest average length of ownership at 9.6 years. Often credited with pioneering the popularity of the SUV in the USA, it’s easy to see why the Explorer continues to be a hit with drivers across the country. Its commanding styling, muscular performance, and innovative tech features make it an excellent choice for those with growing families or drivers who live active lifestyles.

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Toyota Camry

2014 Toyota Camry

Average Years of Ownership – 9.5 Years

It’s no surprise that the best-selling sedan in the USA is also one of the longest-owned. The Toyota Camry has remained the top choice in its class for almost two decades and rightfully so. Year after year, the Camry earns numerous awards for its exceptional build quality, long-term reliability, class-leading value, and cutting-edge safety features. When it comes time to shop for a used midsize sedan, it’s hard to top the Toyota Camry regardless of your budget or driving habits.

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GMC Sierra 1500

2014 GMC Sierra 1500

Average Years of Ownership – 8.5 Years

Full-size pickup truck buyers are unquestionably passionate about the vehicles that earn a position in their respective driveways. This fact makes it easy to understand why, on average, owners of the GMC Sierra 1500 keep them for an average of 8.5 years. Ranging from the work-ready Sierra to the luxurious Sierra Denali — you’ll have no trouble finding a model that’s ready to meet your needs. A range of proven powertrains, multiple cab and bed configurations, and smart innovations make the GMC Sierra the ultimate choice for full-size truck shoppers.

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Chevrolet Equinox

2014 Chevrolet Equinox

Average Years of Ownership – 7.1 Years

More and more drivers have made the switch to compact crossover SUVs for a wide variety of reasons. Few vehicles are able to match the tremendous value, versatility, and comfort offered by these types of vehicles. With an average of 7.1 years of ownership, the Equinox remains one of the most popular choices in its class. Attractive styling cues combined with efficient performance make it easy to fall in love with driving the Equinox. If you’re searching for a vehicle that’s ready to help you get out and make the most of your weekend, look no further than the Chevrolet Equinox.

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