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One of the most critical components of your vehicle’s drivetrain is your transmission. Whether it’s automatic or manual, today’s modern transmissions are engineered with a collection of intricate components and advanced computer control systems. As the miles start to add up over the years, it’s quite possible that your transmission will require maintenance and service in order to help it continue to deliver reliable performance. Fortunately, our team of factory-trained technicians here at Basil Resale of Buffalo has the knowledge and expertise to inspect, diagnose, and correctly repair any transmission issues that your vehicle may be experiencing.

Transmission Components

Common Signs & Symptoms of a Transmission-Related Problem

Park to Drive Hesitation – When shifting your vehicle from park into drive (automatic transmissions), you could potentially notice a slight delay or hesitation. Even when pressing down on the gas pedal, the vehicle could run rougher or even stall in the most severe cases. This is a textbook example of a damaged transmission.

Gear Slip – If you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you might experience a sensation when your vehicle is constantly “hunting” for the next get based on your current RPM range or speed. This is commonly referred to as “gear slip”. If you have noticed that your transmission is having trouble engaging a higher or lower gear when accelerating or decelerating, it’s time to have a trained professional inspect your transmission.

Clutch Slip – Do you drive a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission? Worn or damaged clutch plates and friction material can cause issues with transmission performance. If you’re experiencing your clutch having trouble engaging or disengaging, make sure to have the issue addressed before your transmission experiences a catastrophic failure.

Fluid Leaks – In order to operate properly, your transmission needs a certain amount of fluid at all times. In the event that you find drops or puddles of fluid beneath your vehicle, this could be an indication of a damaged or broken line or transmission gasket. A loss of transmission fluid can potentially cause serious harm if you continue to drive.

Transmission Fluid Change

Routine Transmission Fluid Changes

When it comes to routine transmission services, a transmission fluid change is the most common. The fluid inside your transmission helps safeguard the internal parts from harmful heat, friction, and buildup of contaminants. As the years and miles add up, dirt and grime can break down transmission fluid and create the potential for transmission damage. In order to keep your vehicle protected, our technicians will drain your old transmission fluid from the pan, replace it with new fluid, and install a new transmission fluid filter.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission Fluid Flush

While it might sound similar to a transmission fluid change, a transmission fluid flush is a far more in-depth service. Extending further than a simple fluid drain from the transmission pan, our expert technicians will check and then exchange essentially all of the old fluid from your transmission system using specialized equipment. For comparison, a simple transmission fluid change can leave about 30% of the old fluid in the torque converter and cooler.

Transmission Reseal

Transmission Reseal

If your transmission regularly is experiencing problems related to fluid leaks, it’s probably time to consider a transmission reseal service. A loss of transmission fluid can make it far more difficult for the system to change gears properly and creates a potential for serious harm to your transmission. A transmission reseal involves upgrading all external sealed areas to ensure the system always has the proper amount of fluid.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission Replacement

In the unfortunate situation that your transmission is damaged beyond the point of repair, our team can handle complete transmission replacements. Our factory-certified technicians will inspect, diagnose, and present their findings regarding the condition of your transmission. If it is determined that the damage is not repairable, they can then install a new transmission in order to get you back on the road.

Why Have Your Transmission Serviced at Basil Resale of Buffalo?

Our service department offers a complete selection of options that includes transmission fluid flush, computer diagnostics, along with complete transmission repair and replacement. Our knowledgeable technicians have specialized tools and equipment to properly service your transmission. Drive with confidence knowing that we use quality OEM transmission parts and components to help your vehicle continue to provide years of reliable performance.